Many people have made Custom Tube Consoles and these pages possible.

Thanks to my Nephew Al, who through his 6th Form project rekindled my interest in valves.

Thanks to Cipher for asking the original question and to Patrick, Flipper, Andre, Graham, John Byrns, Peter Wieck, Matthew Bartom-Hawkins, Iain Churches, Doug Bannard, Roger Rosenbaum, Ian Iveson and Phil Allison and all the other members of who answered my questions in depth and with a minimum of flaming.

Thanks to Peter Wieck and Matthew Bartom-Hawkins for providing me with some 6SN7, 6J5 and 7N7 tubes so I could test out my theories.

Thanks to the many eBayers who sold me a wide range of makes of tubes so I could determine manufacturer differences.

Thanks to Curtis Rochambeau and Jens Sundbo for generously allowing the use of their images of vintage tube products.

Thanks to Brian Sowter of Sowter transformers for his guidance and advice on iron.

Thanks to Danbury Electronics for still making standard mains transformers for tubes.

Thanks to Rapid Electronics for stocking most of the components I need and to Electro Harmonix for continuing to manufacture the tubes I need.

Thanks to CJ and Volker and Chris for designing special transformers for me.

Thanks the Jean for his artwork skills that prevent my front panels looking like prototypes.

And last, but not least, to my wife and soul mate Tina, who keeps me on the straight and narrow and tries valiantly to stop me becoming a hermit.