Compact Recording Console

The Compact Recording Console (CRC) builds on the original EZTubeMixer design by incorporation many of the cost reduction techniques developed for the Mark 3 mixer. In particular, the mechanical design is considerably simplified. First, the enclosure construction is based on standard 19 inch rack mounting sub-racks fitted into a custom designed wooden 19 inch rack. Secondly, all the electronics for a channel is contained on a single 6U PCB instead of the two separate ones used in the EZTubeMixer design. This considerably simplifies interconnections. And thirdly, the rigid module construction of the Mark 3 mixer is employed which provides a low cost means of combining mechanical integrity with built in modules screening. The only limitations of the CRC are it can only have a maximum of 6 channels, two main buses and a single 3 band EQ type (REDD PLUS)

CRC #1

The picture shows the very first version of the CRC made in 2019. It has space for 6 channel modules of which 4 are fitted. All channels have mic and line inputs, phantom, phase, 20dB pad and mic/line switches, stepped gain control, HPF, three band REDD PLUS EQ, a pan pot, unbalanced insert and balanced direct output .It has rotary faders but slider faders are available as an option. There are two buses. The monitor section at the top has two VU meters which can be switched to monitor the bus, any channel or an external stereo input.

Future versions will replace the rotary monitor select switch with a PFL system