Ruff Records PCB Emporium

Welcome to Ruff Records' PCB Emporium. Here you can purchase any of the PCBs for my various GroupDIY projects as well as other general purpose PCBs such as the tube HT PCB. Documentation for all these projects can be found via the DIY page.

To order a PCB just drop me an email at  
 with a list of what you require, your name and shipping address. I will respond with an emailed PayPal invoice for your order. Just click on the Pay Invoice button to pay the invoice and I will send you the PCBs.

Please note that all prices are in GBP and shipping is charged at a flat rate of 2GBP for UK, 3GBP for Europe and 4GBP for the rest of the world.  

Current stock levels and prices are shown in the table below (updated 24th April 2019). Note, the PMTGMU, 3UHELIOS and BUFFER boards have been retired and have been released as open source designs (see OpenSourcePCBs folder under DIY tab). Other board reaching their end of life will also be retired and open sourced when stocks are exhausted

 PCB    Order Code Price (GBP) Stock
 Poor Man's EQP1A PMEQP1A 3.5 18
 3 Band Pultec (original) 3BPUL 9.05
 3U 3 Band Pultec + Gain (NEW) 3U3BPUL+GAIN 154
 3 Band Helios Type 69 EQ   V2 HELIOS69V2 9.0 0
 3U Helios69 + Tube gain make up 3UHELIOS+GAIN 15.00
 REDD EQ, 3U version REDDEQ 9.0 5
 EZ MIxer Eurochannel V6 EZMIXERV6 15.0 11
 4 TOGGLES V2 4TOGGLEV2 2.0 53
 Twin Line Amp V2 TWINLINEAMPV2 15.0 0
 Classic Mic Pre V3 CLASSIC V3 15.0 0
 Classic Solo Lo Hum CLASSICSOLOLOHUM 14.0 1
 Classic Solo Mains Transformer CLASSICSOLOXFRMR 30.03
 DB25 Summer DB25 5.0 44
 HT Supply **NEW** HT250 4.0 38
 Phantom Power Supply PHANTOM 8.0 0
 LunchBox 3U PSU V3 3UPSUV3 15.0 0
 Lunch Box External PSU V2 LBEXTPSUV2 15.0 29
 2 Module Backplane V2 2MODMOTHERV2 11.0 5
 4 Module Backplane 4MODMOTHER 20.0 0
 6 Module Backplane V3 6MODMOTHERV3 30.0 2
 Grayhill (twin) switch header GRAYHILL 1.25 0

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